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About ROY GOSTAR JAM Company

Roy Gostar Jam Co. has founded in 1998 and starts to produce all kinds of zinc oxide attention to demands of consumers.

Relying of experience of managers and efforts of personnel could succeed in domestic market as well as attracting abroad consumers. Roy Gostar Jam Co. Proudly presented as the first and the only exporter of zinc oxide in the country.

Roy Gostar Jam Co. is currently producing 4 types of zinc oxide in different grades with high quality and low prices which presented for both domestic and international markets.


With the effort of its specialized personnel and management, the company has reached its success in serving domestic market and has been recognized by foreign consumers.

Roy Gostar Jam Manufacturing and Industrial Company has been serving the domestic and foreign manufacturers as well as the other industries by producing the three different kinds of Zinc Oxide.

In addition to that, it has been exported to different countries such as Germany, Spain and Turkey.

The company has also expanded its activities as the first and exclusive exporter of Zinc Oxide in country.

Company Vision

Roy Gostar Jam Co. in production process benefits of two competitive advantages. First, by utilizing up to date technology could shortening production process which causes efficiency increase that makes significant costs reduction as well. Second, with technical diversification in final products could attract customers in both quality and prices.


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